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Universities Shortlisting

We assist in selecting the best-fit universities based on your academic goals and preferences.

Application Submissions

We streamline the application process, ensuring all required documents are submitted accurately and on time.

IELTS Preparation

We offer specialized IELTS preparation to help you achieve your desired score and meet language proficiency requirements.

Visa Support

We guide you through the visa application process, helping you navigate the complexities and increase your chances of approval.

SOP Support

Our experts provide valuable guidance and support to craft a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) that highlights your strengths and aspirations.

Dedicated Counselor

You'll have a dedicated counselor who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout your educational journey.

Abroad Education Counselling process


Seeking admissions in the top ranked universities across the globe is a battlefield with applications per place skyrocketing in recent years. 

While students’ academic grades are an important aspect the overall fitment and profile is the most crucial differentiator when it comes to assessing the chances of selection. 

Each university has its own criteria to assess and evaluate the child and its important for students and parents to carefully plan to fulfil the conditions. Overseas applications should latest begin at the end of Grade 10. For students aiming to reach the Ivy league or Oxford, Cambridge and others should start as early as Grade 9. 

With universities such as Oxford and Cambridge placing such emphasis on students ability to engage with ‘unseen material’ I.e. that not covered in any school syllabus it is only exposure to books, podcasts, lectures, articles and then discussing these on a weekly basis that creates original and agile minds. Those minds can then generate a truly engaging Statement of Purpose because.....they know how to think not just repeat. Being comfortable engaging with world class academics in live interviews or talking solo on video interviews or dealing with Admission Tests is again the result of skills accretion derived from extensive preparation. A few true geniuses will freestyle their way to top offers but for most it is the result of hard work and targeted preparation.



It is the most important to uniquely position a candidate for a successful top tier Masters application and is massively underestimated by most educational advisory services.

While addressing the three core questions remains at the heart of an application…

How does this programme build on what you have done to date?

Why is this programme a good fit for you?

How will this programme help you in your future goals?

...a superficial answer is not enough. Understanding faculty, research and career opportunities, are just a few of the steps of the whole process.

Knowing the above is not enough. The details from the research need to be woven into a coherent narrative that, like the facets on a diamond, allow the brilliance to enhanced. The candidate brings their achievements and abilities and we help show these in the best possible condition.

The final element is judicious and showcasing your potential and your passion with as much focus and intent as possible. Most of our candidates’ applications will go through 10 - 12 iterations ensuring that coherency and impact is maximised.


Abroad Studies Profiling 

Reaching at the top takes focus, determination, dedication and the right guidance. We start guiding students towards each step for successful application process;

Goal Alignment: If you’re applying to an Ivy it becomes absolutely necessary to be target oriented. We help you align your work to the timeline of the applications and deadlines, and help you set goals. One thing that you can be assured about is that you’re not missing any of your important dates if you’re working with us.

SAT/ ACT/ IELTS/ TOEFL: We guide you towards necessary assessments and ensure optimum results are received within deadlines.

Profile Building: The right kind of help you need for your profile will be asserted from our team. Over the years, we have learned, through experience, what catches the eye of the admissions officers and what sticks with them to want to have you at their prestigious institute. We help you find the internships that can elevate your profile and competitions that you can be a part of and make it look good on your profile on top of your good grades.

Applications: A holistic support on your applications is guaranteed to you. Important dates | deadlines | content | structure is all very meticulously taken care of.

Shortlisting Colleges/ Universities: Keeping in mind the course that you’re interested in and the country, we assist in shortlisting the colleges/ universities and provide you with the top picks.

Essays and LOR: A remarkably written essay can really help you with scholarships and stand out as a better candidate. Our team is there to help you articulate your thoughts in the most fervent way possible.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Applying for scholarships and financial aid is a wholesome task. Making sure that every document asked for is uploaded within the given time. Finding out all scholarships available for the course that you’ve applied for and your eligibility for it, we’d be on top of that.


 College selection

Charting out the right selection of universities is the most critical piece. In my experience, most children go wrong in the selection of universities. University selection should be carefully based on the following parameters;

1. The course to be pursued – It is important to understand the ecosystem of the country for the course or career you want to pursue

2. Final Goal – The student needs to identify the reason of choosing to study abroad between stay back, PR, job or just academic interest

3. Immigration and Visa Policies – It is very important for the student to match the immigration and visa policies with their goal to avoid any dissatisfaction

4. Language, food and weather – Most students are travelling overseas for study for the first time and it is important to know and prepare themselves with the environmental conditions.