Psychometric Career Assessments

Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and subjects

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and career road map with detailed execution plan

Engineering Assessment

It will help you to select most suitable engineering branch before engineering college admission.

Learning Style

Learning Style

Career Analysis for Graduates

It will help you to find out Most Suitable Career path and Career Road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Professionals

Early and Mid career counselling for professionals with detailed execution plan

About Us

Kriti Shroff Counselling Centre has been established in Kanpur with the intent to provide solutions to all kind of career confusions among students and professionals. 

We are an independent education and career guidance centre with the belief in guiding parents and students to make the right choice through the jigsaw of career and education possibilities. All the services are individually tailored for each student and conducted on a one - to - one basis, to be sensitive and be relevant to the circumstances of each student. It is our aim to assist students with their learning curve and to provide them a global platform, thereby enabling them to achieve their academic goals.

Our Comprehensive approach towards understanding the inner self of our clients with empathy, complete analysis and full-fledged solution makes us a league apart.

Our Assistance is invaluable for those who like to take an informed career decision and avoid career disasters later in their life.

What do we Do?

We provide end-to-end career counselling services from grade 8 to grade 12 students studying in school, to graduates and to post-graduates. We provide the following services;

School Students:

1. Stream Selection – For Grade 8,9,10 students

2. Comprehensive Career Counselling – For Grade 8,9,10, 11 & 12 Students

3. Engineering Stream Selection – For Grade 12 students aspiring for engineering

4. University Selection – For Grade 11 & 12 students

5. Abroad Applications – For Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 students

College Students:

1. Comprehensive Career Counselling – For graduates & post-graduates

2. Abroad Applications – For Graduates & post-graduates 


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Career Counselling , a scientific way to get onto the right career track:


To Achieve Success, Happiness, and Peace of Mind

To avoid Disappointments / Stress / Worries / anxiety

Save money and time through proper guidance and execution plan

To enjoy work and achieve contentment and satisfaction.

To be on the success ladder and help our own growth.

About The Counsellor

Kriti Shroff is a career coach and training specialist. She is a certified Green Belt Career Counsellor and an alumni of IMT Ghaziabad and UCLA, USA. She has a strong corporate experience of working with large organizations like Wipro Technologies and Vodafone Pvt. Ltd. Kriti has successfully provided professional counselling and guidance to over 500 Corporate professionals for career transition and position placement. She has guided and mentored over 500+ students towards successful careers in varied streams.

Kriti’s Professional Accomplishments include:

1.    Professional Career & Education Coach

2.    Professional Profile Building Expert

3.    Professional Trainer

4.    Behavioural Interview Expert

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